February Update


Hope 2015′s treating you well. Just a quick email to let you know what’s up with us as we get ready to return to the USA for this year’s USA adventure.

First of all, new album is READY! Physical copies are being printed as we speak, and the album will be available online for you to hear by the end of this month! We’re really excited for you to hear it.

You might have noticed we shut down the REEFER site. Thanks to all of you who participated and helped to get it going. We received a lot of complaints that the platform wasn’t so easy to work with, and we felt that the software for that site was outdated and wasn’t serving us. So….. we’ll be communicating a lot more by email with you so whenever you feel like asking us a question about anything hit us up anytime. Haven’t subscribed yet? Click here to get SEVEN free unreleased songs and to receive the most up to date info from us.

Also check out our youtube channel for our Aussie video diaries ! www.youtube.com/longreef

Speak soon. Long REEFERS are fun.

It’s time for the Battle Plan!

The time is now! October is National Bullying Prevention month, an opportunity to increase the awareness and prevention of bullying, an on-going problem facing people of all ages. We are excited to be partnering with Friend Movement and Hard Rock Daddy to share our “Battle Plan”. Please be sure to look for updates on Facebook and Twitter on how you can help and be apart of the “Battle Plan”.

Check out the latest interview with Josh talking with Hard Rock Daddy about his experiences with bullying and how it’s affected him.

Interview with Hard Rock Daddy

Click the link below to download “Battle Plan”
Battle Plan


NEW LONGREEF MUSIC, REEFERS expanded and get ready for the Battle Plan

In between touring schedules and shows, over the past few months Longreef have been in the studio recording the follow up to “Dirty Motel”. Taking chances and culling a list of 30 songs into a power punch of 5 tracks, the new release will feature some surprises but will still have that unmistakeable LONGREEF sound.

The first single “Battle Plan” will be released in the coming weeks in partnership with the Friend Movement, the national anti bullying organization that enables young people to spread the word about the issue through art and music. Check out their website here:


Are you a REEFER yet? The new site at Fancorps is live and if you’re passionate about LONGREEF and their music, you can help to spread the word and earn rewards for exclusive content and meet and greets, as well have access to behind the scenes footage and REEFER-only online chats. Click the link below to go to the REEFERS site: